Tuesday, November 17, 2009

shut up woman, get on my horse!!

it's true!! i accidentally stumbled upon a russian gonzo(?) video the other day of an obese woman in her 40's-50's with greasy thinning hair, few teeth, wearing a red negligee ready to shake hands and blow equally unattractive middle aged man with beer belly, odd facial hair and greased head hair away!!! i promptly shut down my computer and went and prayed by the side of my bed until i felt clean. yes, that means i passed out there.

speaking of porn, i got into a discussion recently with a guy at work about how he thinks there's probably an equally large market out there who would be willing to just "look in" on girls doing every day life things. you know, changing light bulbs, or scrubbing the toilet, or washing dishes, or BATHING THE DOG!! all done in panties and tank top of course. nothing in your face pornographic, just clean voyeurism. got me to thinkin'. now i'm sure it already exists because EVERYthing already does on the internet, but if not, boy howdi. good luck to whoever reading this just stole my idea!! asshole.

speaking of work, i learned today that our biller has been unknowingly involved in outsourcing her own job to the phillipines. we got a new scanner recently to scan our bills into our imaging system, or so we thought. newp. all that's been going to an office in the phillipines so they can learn how to bill our bills. once they get up to par, we'll be letting all of our billers go company wide. great country, isn't it?? america?? whine whine whine bitch bitch bitch about bad economy, failing job markets, blah blah blah, but corporations are steadily pumping as much money straight out our government just as fast as they can write the checks. ugh.

speaking of writing checks, i haven't paid my car note this month. gotta get on that....


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