Wednesday, December 16, 2009


i'd like to respond to you personally, but alas, your name did not have an attached link and you may as well be anonymous. otherwise i could've commented on your blog. eh.

fyi, i Never delete comments....ever. it's such a rarity anyone that stumbles across my tiny site, let alone actually give two hoots enough to leave a comment just for me. heaven forbid i erase that. that's the one thing that comes along every six months to remind me i'm not writing in an electronic diary.

i actually started writing this post a week or so ago and now forgot the point i originally intended to make. in short, i am not nor was i ever 90 day jane. just another girl with the same name and same dark hair. god bless the internet, right?? except i haven't had super short hair since i was like 17, but it looked cute on her, so i don't take offense to the confusion.

p.s. in the search for this picture, i came across this and am a little speechless. i would also like to say that you feel free to go ahead and purchase this for me. i won't mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jane. This is Jane. (believe me or not)
Though my short-lived blog has been over for some time, I have a google alert out for my name and occasionally it leads me to your blog.
Just wanted to say that i'm sorry you got blamed for my idiot project, but I'm glad you took it in stride.
Anyway, great blog!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 7:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Viking said...

Thanks for your response to the comment I made in the beginning of December.

Well I am glad that you are not "90Day Jane" or the girl in that video.The vastness of the Internet can lead people new places.In this case I ended up reading your blog,due to mistaken identity,I guess if I had taken a little more time reading your older blogs I would have seen my error before writing my hastily written comment.I guess the fact that I do not write my own blogs,I was tired when saw that video and as the topics I wrote about are so close to heart ,it all just made me spew out my inner thoughts.After my comment I must admit I returned a few days later to see if you had made a responce.I honest to God Odin did not think you would use any spare time to yet again explain the true facts to just another passer-by.I like the way you write your blogs,so I will continue to read them.Take care.

Monday, January 04, 2010 3:25:00 PM  

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