Thursday, December 03, 2009

yawn, smack, grunt, snort

i hate this picture, but i can't seem to stop looking at it.

well, it's 3:30 am and i just got home from whoring around. man, what a night. actually, i got home yesterday, played online for about 2 hours, then fell asleep. surprise. i seriously need a hobby. or a second job. but i don't see that anywhere in my near future.

although, i actually did do a few useful things yesterday. i went grocery shopping yesterday. RESPONSIBLY. i went to the store and bought ONLY what was on my list. i wound up spending only 14 dollars. wooooo!! look at me go. once i left the store with my two tiny bags, i passed one of those christmas bell ringers for the american red cross or...........something with a red pot. a little, skinny, old black man. it was down in the 40's today. having no cash, but being the nice person that i am(wanting to be), i had an internal fight(with an extended panic attack) that lasted all the way to the nearest gas station, at the hot chocolate machine, and all the way back to kroger's. once there, it took every ounce of umph that i had to force my body out of my car. i closed my eyes as i walked up to him and told him i was sorry that i didn't carry cash, but i knew it was really cold outside and he was under no obligation to drink this, i hadn't touched it, actually there was a trash can right there if he wanted me to go ahead and throw it away for him. he kind of giggled and thanked and blessed me. he just held it as i got back in my car. yeah, he TOTALLY threw that away once i drove off. ungrateful bastard!!! i actually had to sit for a minute pretending to warm my car back up before i could drive because my vision had gone blurry from nerves. i'm hoping a cold sore does not come from this little act of kindness. i finally calmed back down about the time i hit the interstate after several minutes of intently telling myself it was the right thing to do. i'm just no good at this interacting with other people thing.

a few weeks ago, i got a no seat belt ticket right by my house. i do not take seat belts seriously and therefore do not take cops who give seat belt tickets seriously. i am not normally a rude person when it comes to people in authority, but after he turned his lights on i continued driving into my gas station and asked if i had to remain in my vehicle or if i could pump gas during this. so, i pumped gas, he did his thing, we nodded and went on our ways. i finally got off my ass to go pay that ticket today. turns out there's a 5% fee added if you pay any other way besides cash. GAY. i paid it anyway. it only came out to like a dollar twenty five or so. you can do the math yourself because i'm not going to.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's about it. hmm. guess i didn't do as many useful things today as i thought i had. oh well.

aw, man. it's only 3:45????????? what the crap am i supposed to do until work?? maybe i should wash clothes or bathe or something. ooh, or perhaps another nap is in order.


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