Monday, August 10, 2009

Man. Who Stank Up The Shitter??

a kid i used to go to school with now works for one of our customers here in shreveport. took me FOREVER to realize who he was.
he said he still lives in castor and asked what i'd been up to. i said i'd moved out of saline about two years ago and had bought a "house" and was living up here now. And also that i was waiting for saline to burn to the ground along with everyone in it. i realized as the words were escaping from my mouth, they were the wrong ones to say. i think i offended him. his entire family is from saline and his mom teaches there. she was our school counselor and did business math and business english and that kind of thing. VERY sweet lady. loved her to pieces. aaaaaaanyway, apparently he still has a lot of friends down there. so, great. now i feel like uppity conceited shit. blah. when i realized who it was i screamed "OH, SHIT!! YOU GREW UP!!" he said " did YOU." i'm not sure if that was a fat joke or a pretty joke, so i'm gonna go ahead and take it as the latter. i haven't seen him since like 6th or 7th grade. he hasn't grown any taller and he still has the same tiny nasal voice. so, weird. it's odd to me seeing people i think of as children overweight, dirty, and with facial hair. and by that i mean, the children of my mind have grown into men. actual MEN. tax paying, beard growing, job holding, tobacco spitting, children producing MEN. how can this be?? when did we get so old?? this sent me into raging panic mode. realizing how badly i need to get my tubes tied. and uh, coudja keep those cigarettes and beer away from me, please. oh, gahd. i need to dye my hair, too!! or something....................maybe just start my bleedin'. maybe that would fix this. geigh.


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