Wednesday, July 08, 2009

But I Guess You'll Never Know

at least not really anyway.

i was running earlier today and pulled a muscle in the back of my shoulder blade. is that even possible?? from running on your LEGS, NOT your arms??

i've decided to clean out my bookmarks a little, so i'm here to share with you these links. enjoy. or don't you self loathing bastard, and find your own god damned links. here we go:

Never Know
is how i feel every time i decide i'm gonna be all super duper sweet and show someone how much i care. i normally come up with TONS of ideas then realize they're all so very lame and just go on like the person i'm trying to be sweet for never existed and maybe, just maybe they'll channel a vibe of goodness from me telepathically.

Cats Praying is a little video i'm a bit ashamed of giggling at so hard. but YOU watch it and see if you can supress the snicker. if you can, fuck you. if you can't, congratulations, you're apparently normal.

Parade of Lost Souls has some bad ass pictures. i've been wanting for a little while now to gather all my old make up that i never use any more and put everything together for a zombie photo shoot. or hooker. or clown. whatever. just use up my old make up and have some drunken fun in the process. this will probably not happen because i never follow through with ANYTHING i want to do, but if it does ever happen, i promise to show you pictures.

The Onion: Brobama. a video that tickles me to my soul. i hated the whole obama uprising fanfare blabbity blip. yick. i hate politics as is, but crikey. "if you could shove that a little further down my throat, please. i don't think you've penetrated my bowels yet. keep trying, you're almost there." bleigh.

Cat House on the Kings is something that i myself have always dreamed of doing. having a huge sanctuary. i fucking LOVE things like this. let's you know there's still good people out there. not the crazy kind, the real ones. i love this so much. she gets TWO links.

Peanuts: the later years

Healthy Yum. a blog dedicated to good tasting healthy body fuel. or at least, very, very pretty body fuel.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, derlin; had this damned song stuck in my head all day.

arright. enough links for one day or as much as i'm giving you. fuck oif and come back later.


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