Sunday, June 28, 2009

surprise goody basket for the weekend

guess YOU mother fuckers will have to wait till monday!!

i've been without internet for a week now and now that i have it back, i can't think of a damned thing of interest to search. :: sigh :: woe is me. hmph. boring is me, more like it, but i suppose woe will be sufficient enough.

i've *almost* come to terms with the fact that i'm living in the technological "dark ages". i have my really nifty super duper sleek little computer that mr. lovah lovah built for me that i can pretty much play freecell on and look up the occassional youtube video. this and looking at pretty pictures on google are about the extent of my knowledge on the interwebs. i know it's sad. i'll wait while you grab a hankie..................

welcome back!! in an attempt to branch out a little, i've joined Twitter. my name is, as if i even have to tell you: janeqdoe42. AND just so i don't venture TOO far out of character, after signing up for twitter, i had a yelling match with my magic glow box for a good 3 to 4 minutes because i couldn't figure out how to add my damed picture. BAH!! i tell you, BAH!!! so, i *think* i've either got janedoe beside my name in tiny tiny letters or me_being_vein beside my name. as usual, i'll attempt to get someone else to fix this for me in the week to come.

such a neverending noobie. : (


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