Monday, June 29, 2009

what a wonderful world

my sister's dead husband's father was recently put into the hospital. he's older and has developed a plethora of health problems. diabetes, dementia, diapers, the works. so, his wife (we'll call her "barbara") has been sleeping in a chair at the hospital for the past few days hoping she'll be able to catch him awake since apparently it's a rarity. so, i told said widowed sister to tell her that if she'd like a real bed to sleep in she'd be more than welcome at my house. i have an extra room and e'erthing. i gave her my number and directions and came home to clean like the dickens. aaaaaaaaaaaaaand so far no mrs. barbara. :( all this scrubbing for naught. maybe. she may be in shreveport for a few more days though. she may break down and come over. i don't really know the lady all that well, but i hate to think of her being forced to sleep all crumpled up in those dasted uncomfortable chairs. it's inhumane to leave her there.

he apparently just slips in and out of consciousness from what i understand and constantly forgets who's there. i gotta figure that when he's awake he's gotta get pretty bored just sitting there waiting to fall back asleep. tomorrow after work, i'm heading to good will. they have paperback books there for 50 cents a piece. maybe i can get him a couple things. deck of cards perhaps?? crossword puzzle?? i dunno.

will let you know how that visit goes. wish him luck!!


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