Friday, June 26, 2009

friday morning emails 'round the office.nothing better to do.

did i ever tell you about the guy named robby that victor used to work with at (internet edit)?? he's was a bigger guy, possibly part albino who fell madly in love with me. he used to tell me the only reason he stayed being victor's friend was so he could come to our house and see me. what a dick, right?? WELL. a few months after victor stopped working there, he eventually stopped coming around, because let's face it: i'm kind of a bitch. SO. a few months later than THAT, he said a former co-worker came into the bowling alley(where victor then worked) and told him that robby had died. he had some kind of lung disease and it had finally gotten to him and he died in the hospital a few weeks prior and he had missed the funeral. so, victor came home and told me all about it and i laughed and called him a liar. he got all pissy and yelled at me because one of his friends had died and i didn't even care. so, i said "well, that's cause you're lying." because victor used to make up fanciful stories ALL the time because i'm what you'd refer to as "gullible". we've argued about his death for a year and a half.

day before yesterday, i went to pay my water bill and i was talking to vicky on the phone and said "wow. that looks like the back of robby's head. that's weird." "nuh-uh. robby's dead." "no, seriously. that really looks like the back of robby's head" "NUH UH!! ROBBY IS DEAD!!"

so, i went inside and sure enough. there's stands a big pink robby. alive as.........well. as alive as living things generally are. i said "HEY!! victor told me you died." "WHAT??? WHY??? WHY WOULD VICTOR SAY THAT???" i explained it to him and he got his feelings all kinds of hurt. poor fella. he asked me where i lived and i said "right over there" and he said "yeah, i knew you weren't living in the duplex anymore 'cause i've gone by there a few times." odd. said he was getting married, blah, blah, blah. i'm madly in love but NOT getting married, blah, blah, blah. he offered me his cell phone number but i declined because #1)i hate talking on the phone unless its to victor or stephanie and #2)i'd REALLY rather not start that up again. it was frustrating enough the first time around. nice guy but you can only tell someone you're not interested so many times before you're forced to become a megabitch. "you're so pretty." "watching a movie, robby." "you know i love you??" "Watching a movie, robby." "i've never felt this way about a girl before. you're so nice to me." "Watching A Movie, Robby." "i love you." "I'M TRYING TO WATCH THE GOT DAMNED TEEVEE!!!!"

so. yeah. robby: alive.

i told rodney the story and he said he's probably peddling stuff at the water bill paying place because the price for reanimating his corpse was probably a bitch and he's having to get money anyway he can.

so. yeah. robby: possible reanimated corpse instead.

how is YOUR morning, katie bug??? :)


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