Tuesday, June 30, 2009

before it ends just tell me where to begin

i haven't gotten off my lazy ass to take a bath in TWO days. those are probly my drawers. whew.

the lady i cleaned my house for never took me up on my offer. a little disappointing that all that cleaning was done for nothing. a little disappointing that she's still sitting at the hospital sleeping in those old uncomfortable chairs, but...........what can you do?? leave the invitation open and maybe she'll take it if she decides to.

the plan was to go by and pick him up some antiboredom goodies, but i'm starting to get the impression that may not be necessary. sooo, instead i'm just supposed to head over and visit for a while tomorrow afternoon. ah, the dreaded hospital visit. bleigh. i've always really liked this guy, though. he's always been genuinely kind to me. i hate to be one of those people "i'd rather remember him the way he was." well, THIS is the way he is now. i hate to know he's still alive and "kicking" in a hospital somewhere and i was too selfish because i didn't wanna ruin the way i think of him from 5 years ago. it's not his fault if i can't remember him then and now. maybe i should work on my memory skills.


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