Monday, July 06, 2009

I'd like to buy a bowel, please.

i went to houston for the three day weekend we had. happy retrospective independence day, everybody!! had a blast. not a lot of "doing" anything, per say, but i enjoyed myself thoroughly nonetheless. on the way home, i stopped by taco bell in lufkin, tx. that was around 1 am yesterday morning or so. i got home. i snuggled up in my nice warm bed and promptly started to poop myself sideways. (i, uh, was able to hobble myself to the bathroom before the violence occurred.) much vomiting ensued as well.

i, of course, called in sick to work. because seriously......................just no. i don't poop at work as it is on a healthy day. i don't really think i could've survived the day as i was this morning. i would've spent the majority of my dispatching time in between pukin's napping on the dirty ass work floor.

WELL. did YOU know that if you call in on a day following a holiday, you're not paid for either unless its excused by a doctor?? me neither. so, i marched my not so happy ass up to the quick kare and two hours later walked out with a note that simply states "please excuse jane for 7/6/09". really?? two hours?? but i did get to watch home improvement for a while in the waiting room. haven't seen that show in fo-evah. here are the pictures i took once FINALLY allowed into an exam room and then sitting there for 25 minutes waiting on my doctor to arrive trying desperately not to fall back asleep:

me dying:
the heart rate measurer thingie and the ear lookie innie things:
these are the cabinets, in which, i believe severed heads are kept. never had the balls to open one.
reaching the breaking point of my "bored shitless"ness. look how i hold TWO posters, count 'em TWO posters with my mere fingers!!
i have finally succumbed to being officially "bored shitless". this is their trash can. isn't it a pretty trash can?? it's for bio hazardous materials. isn't that nice?? what a pretty, pretty can can.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that concludes our visit to the doctor's office.


Blogger alysia said...

I feel like I just left the doctors' office. Thanks for the tour!

Monday, July 20, 2009 1:20:00 PM  

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