Wednesday, June 03, 2009

she dyes it black, black, black, black NUMBAH OOOOOONE

have i ever mentioned that i have an older sister who is rather, shall we say "uptight"?? her children are home schooled. their television access is Very limited, as well as the music they're allowed to listen to. my niece is not allowed to pierce her ears, wear make up, tank tops, glittery clothes, along with a Wide variety of other restrictions.


guess who just got hot pink hair. with PERMANENT dye no less. did i say permanent?? because when i said PERMANENT, i meant that they used BLEACH to remove the brown from my little morgan's hair and then put PERMANENT PINK in its place which will NOT wash out. has the apocalypse snuck up on us without me noticing?? hence the "sneakage", i guess. my perception of cautious child rearing has been altered forever.

this is one crazy upside down world.


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