Friday, June 19, 2009

idiocy and hypocrisy

i'm having to update from work so i'm gonna have to censor my language a bit, just in case:

i'd like to start out by apologizing to my reader(s). i'm sorry because i apparently DO feed trolls and occasionally DO read spam. i received a little troll nugget the other day via yahoo messenger stating something to the effect of i'd like to lick your hips up one side and down the other or something round about in that general vicinity. so, i got piss drunk and stewed over it for a while.

shortly there after, i had one of the most intense "cervical spams" in my life due to a little gem purchased from eros 1207 with the nocturnal magician playing the part of the executer. this is not "actually" relevant to the rest of the story, but i hate for such an extraordinary event to go unmentioned. $14.99 WELL SPENT!!!!!

four days later, my curiosity could stand it no more. i emailed said troll back askin' what was the dealio?? give or take the wording. to sum up the next two days for you: i'm an unforgiving soul less bitch who nothing is good enough for and is also apparently only attracted to men who use and abuse her. but seriously dear reader, when has this even ever been in question?? i am attracted to assholes. or perhaps, better put. um. men in charge?? i like a man to be a man. it just so happens the VAST majority of the time, the men i choose always go to some form of male extreme. the last significant chosen male had an eXtreme over abundance of testosterone which he, unfortunately, could not keep tabs on. as well as a bit of a power ego. no matter how passive aggressive it may have been, it was what it was: definitely a need for power. wow. what an amazing achievement that was. beating ME down. the cats always want to dominate the mice, you know?? the easier the prey, the better?? i guess. meh.

anyhoo. i'm writing this in pieces at work and i feel it's becoming a big fat sweaty mangled story about nothing. it flows better in my head. promise. i'm mean and unforgiving and inconsiderate and apparently nailed jesus christ to the cross with my own bare hands. sounds like something i'd do.

what a heartless bitch i turned out to be.


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