Saturday, June 06, 2009

you're so vain. you probably think this blog is about you.

a rare good picture of myself. YOU WILL DEAL WITH MY VANITY!!!

i think there's a fairly good possibility that i may have just lost my god damned mind. i consider myself, all in all, a pretty emotionally stagnant human. the kind you're supposed to be at my age. unless of course you have children. then you'd be squealing with delight over the beautiful waste your perfect baby has decided to allow to you to behold. how marvelous a mighty bowel movement this is!! how splendiferous is THIS turd!! you get my point. i *try* to take most things in life with a solemn face. my emotions are my own and none of your business unless i decide to verbally inform you of them. but not until then. i do not laugh. i do not cry. i do not yell or throw tantrems or anything of the like. there are an eXtremely small number of people exempt from this rule. eXtremely, eXtremely small.

i've recently become enamored with a little teevee show i like to call "dead like me". i get the feeling the sci fi channel likes to call it "dead like me" as well. which is kind of an odd coincidence, isn't it?? hmm. it's the story of a girl who gets killed in a freak accident involving a toilet seat and suddenly finds herself as a Grim Reaper. she pops people's souls Just before they die then helps them on to whereever is they're going. i was watching "reaping havoc" tonight and there was a scene in an irish pub where a man is celebrating his birthday with a merry jig atop a bar. he's genuinely joyful and is surrournded by family and friends watching him perform said jig which is unknowingly to be his last. he's skewered by a swordfish, very shortly thereafter. so..........i commenced to crying. A.L.O.T. i cried for the next 15 solid minutes until the show was over. every thing betty said to george made me cry. everything that george said to rube made me cry. when they left the note on the dead sister's door from jesus, i squalled so hard and so much, i think i scared the cats. at the very least, sent them into a hell of a confusion. (why is she leaking so much??)

i finally had to pause it and take a bathroom break before my head exploded. luckily the release of urine relieved a little of the pressure build up.

what the hell is wrong with me??

*whew* now.

back to my show.


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