Monday, June 20, 2005

you stole my soul and thats a pain i can live without


i just now realized that i grammatically fucked up the last paragraph of my last post. to anyone else who may have noticed, my bad, otherwise, just keep moving.

last week ended pretty good. our terminal manager came up to work friday night to discuss any problems we might have on knowing who's in charge or minding your own business or anything else you might have a problem with. so, right there at the end, i grew a testicle, adjusted, and said "i'm gonna go ahead and say this now because i know i never will otherwise. i have a problem with well...------, it's you. the way you come in at night and ask me repeatedly why i'm not gone, why am i lazing around, we dont look that busy, why are you still here. all that stuff. it bothers me and i dont like it."

"oh, i was just pickin' at you about that."

"well, i know you've always done that, but it's gotten progressively rude here recently, and i want it to stop. it's annoying and frustrating."

and then the meeting was summed up. my supervisor hugged me twice that night and told me i had no idea how proud of me he was. and if i'd have known it would have been talked about that much afterwards, i probably wouldve kept it inside and just let it irritate me. sheesh.

later that night, i left work and went to spend the night with my sister. they just got a new puppy. oh, that dog is awesome. it is such a jane dog. it's a bassett hound. i have never seen a lazy puppy, but apparently they exist. not the cutest dog in the world, but still a cool little pup. though, in her defense, the neighbors dog, goober (he's a weinie dog and yes, he's named goober on purpose) and her played outside all day long saturday so i suppose she had the right to sleep the rest of the afternoon. but yeah, if i ever get an inside dog that's a pure breed, which i'm kind of against, it'll most definitely be a bassett. it fits into my exercise routine PERFECTLY.

::shiver:: its cold in here...

saturday, me and two of my sisters took all their ten children or well, 1...2...3...4..., i guess four children to monroe to see madagascar. and being with the one sister we were with we showed up 15 minutes late, but being with the other sister we were with, that wasnt really bad because she had lied about what time the movie started so we'd shoot for an earlier time because she knows how the other sister works, otherwise we probably wouldve been closer to 45 minutes or so late, which wouldve been, well, pointless. so, for some retarted screw up i wound up sitting down with the two youngest first and then people came and sat beside us, so everbody else had to sit on the other side of the theater. so, the whole last half of the movie, i heard "when's mama coming back??" from one and from the other at the top of her lungs "I'M HUNGRY AND THIRSTY. CAN I LEAVE AND GO GET SOMETHING TO EAT AND DRINK???" over and over and over, the both of them. you can only explain the situation to them so many times. so, finally everytime they made a noise i pinched their lips. so, they'd pout and sulk for the next few minutes. but what i did get to see of madagascar was descent. not great by any means, but definitely watchable.

we walked around the mall for a while and i realize either everything purchaseable(?) is just crap, or i just honestly do not have any taste. so, we went home.

my oldest neice spent the night with me. that was fun. i wound up giving her a ton of makeup, since well, i dont wear makeup anymore. or rarely anyways.

sunday was fathers day. they got dad a new guitar case and i realized when me and a sister went home to get his guitar case and it fell completely apart, hey, that was a pretty good idea. so, got it back over there and somewhere, someone had miscalculated and the guitar didnt fit. "hm, that dont fit. that thing aint no good. where's my guitar case?" and that was the end of that. i remember getting in trouble when i didnt appear to appreciate something. but that was a long time ago. so...nevermind.

and i had a few more ramblings to bestow upon you, but i just realized its after two o'clock and i have to go wash my hiney...and everywhere else too, i suppose.


Blogger Crazy B said...

That's why you go in your own vehicle. Ya'll aren't ready? Cool. I'll meet you there. Bye. and for goodness sakes, wash your nasty hiney.

Monday, June 20, 2005 2:50:00 PM  

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