Thursday, June 02, 2005

eat shit and die...please

nothing like good manners.

so, you have a thing of fries and you place them atop the trash can which contains nothing but paper. you change your mind 30 seconds later and decide you want some more fries. you get them. does this constitute "eating out of the trash can"??

not alot going on over here in the land of well, void. i guess in itself there really shouldnt be a whole lot going on. so, job well done me. jack shit going on in the giant ever growing gaping void.

moving on...

its decided. brad has the absolute most annoying dog on the face of the planet. cute as a bug but insists upon making some kind of throat noise 24 hours a day. other than that, the little pup seems to be doing fine. he still isnt really walking on that one bad leg with the broken ball and socket joint. but other than that really seems fine. he has to wear one of those little elizabethan or victorian whatever collars. he looks like such a little nerd. its so cute. he hates it, but i like rejoicing in his annoyance. it makes me feel better.

i've been having this little problem at work. i've been moved to full time which means my new hours are 4-12:30. eight hours. anywho, for the last week or two this woman at work has for some reason decided that its her job to ensure that i'm constantly busy and not "riding the clock" the entire time she's here. she's always done this in small ways. no big deal, everybody's allowed to be a little annoying. but lately its been "god, you're still here?" "aren't you done yet?" "well, if you're not done then why are you standing around with your thumb up your butt?" because it feels good was the politest thing i could come up with. but its increasingly getting worse and worse. it's not 'exactly' bitchy, but its intentional and everybody else notices it. what do you say to something like that without coming across as a bitch yourself?? the point about the 8 hour thing is, if i do not stay at least 7.1 hours a night i lose my new found full timedness. you understand that word, dont you?? sure you do. yet another pet peeve on my ever growing list.

when i went to check my mail again a minute ago, blasted across the top of my screen is:

condom broke??

no? do alot of people have condom breakage problems while checking mail? even so, if i do ever have this problem i still have 72 hours to prevent that possible pregnancy with the
EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVE. all in slanty letters if you'll notice. they go THAT WAY. slanty and all italicized. woo-hoo!!! we're slantin' like crazy over here.
okay, all that leaning to the side was starting to make me nausious. ooh, ::subdued burp:: sheesh.

i'm bored as hell. 'course i guess actually, hell probably isnt that boring. you constantly have more flesh to pick back up.


Blogger Crazy B said...

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Thursday, June 02, 2005 8:03:00 AM  
Blogger Crazy B said...

You ate out of the trash. And on my dog, stop running over my dogs and they won't make strange noises. Just to make myself perfectly clear, I know it was an accident. That's what we call a J O A K. And... on the bitch at work, I think the title of your blog says it all.

Thursday, June 02, 2005 8:03:00 AM  

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