Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pushin' up daisies

jables's impression of a dead raccoon. pretty good, eh??

halloween is approaching a little quicker than expected. i've been talking about it all year like normal, but somehow it still managed to sneak up on me. i still have no costume or plans for this weekend. i originally wanted to go to on vacation this week and maybe go to salem, massachusetts or something, but due to conflicting work schedules, that didn't happen. i've been on this super nifty diet for a couple months now. i've lost ten pounds and holding, but still none of my clothes fit right. it's like i was losing, losing, losing, then bam!! nothing. just stopped. i'd like to sit here and sound all confused and surprised, but i went from a mainly vegetable extremely high fiber diet to well, i just ate 6 oreos and i've been living off of chips and salsa and bagels for the past week. my point is: i am not where i was supposed to be by halloween this year. all that great dieting and stuff was supposed to be put me at like 125 pounds and i was gonna look so adorable in that costume and blah blah blah. as always, my laziness has fucked it up. hooray for procrastination!!

i fail.


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