Monday, May 11, 2009

i've seen better days, but i don't care

oasis got my letter in tha maaaaaaail!!

alright folks. next tuesday afternoon, i'm headed off to the boobie doctor again due to a sudden increase in the size, texture, and extreme pain sensitivity of the tumor in my right chesticle. i've looked up a couple pictures of breast cancer on google where i found this one and believe me, you'd rather be looking at this girl. so, i've decided, regardless of what they tell me. whether it turns out it's gone malignant or it's still just a plain little fatty tumor, i'm going to have it removed. my breast hurts like hell 24 hours a day and i want this thing out of me. never before has the tumor itself hurt, but i can't imagine that removing a tumor would do anything but decrease the amount of pain i'm having in the surrounding area. i'll opt to have it removed and then they can hopefully fill me back up with something synthetic. oh, how i hate the thought. ::sigh::

finger's crossed everybody!!


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