Saturday, May 09, 2009

in the old san fransiscoooohh bay ee ay ee ay ee ayyyy

looking for thumbtacks and this is what slaps me in the face when i open the first drawer. i feel like such a dirty bastard. i steal so many spoons they wind up in the dishwasher, my make up bag, and lord have mercy, my underwear drawer.

im having my first man free weekend in a while, so unsure what to do with myself last night i called up my el seestor and asked if my niece could spend the night with me. went and picked her up and we watched baseketball and passed out. this morning we watched stranger than fiction and blood and chocolate. then it was time to take her home. the night seemed so short. took her home and the family had decided to go watch the new star trek movie. it was good. you didn't really sink your teeth into the nostalgia until the second half of the movie when leanard nimoy steps in and explains why the hell the movie isn't making sense with the history of the teevee show. turns out they're in a.....wait a second. have you watched it yet?? bah. then i'll tell you later. BUT i WILL tell you that on their first away mission, they had kirk dressed in blue, sulu dressed in yellow, and an away teem member dressed in red and guess who got killed off first. it was the red one. oh, i snickered my patoot off.

what else happened?? what else?? what else??


have i ever spoken of my brother in law?? the husband of my sister?? they have an odd parenting style. i was playing on my phone in the kitchen when i suddenly heard "no, i'm talking to god damned dipshit catey!!" my 7 year old neice who apparently knocked over a stool. shortly thereafter, he told his other 14 year old daughter to get her chubby ass out of his computer chair. then even LATER, i got told to watch my smart ass mouth and that no man will ever marry me with the attitude i have. ahhh. GOD. just can't wait to get married and pop out my first youngin'.

mmmm. can't wait!!


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