Wednesday, April 22, 2009

la cucaracha

i often find myself these days awake at 2 am. i've been napping when i first get home from work, waking up at midnight then returning to sleep around 4. not having any side affects or anything just wondering how long it can last. i finally got off my lazy ass a minute ago and decided to "do" something. OOH, perhaps clean out the litter boxes that are harboring the fumes that are constantly burning away my nose hairs with it's ammonia filled glory. well, i got one done. figured that bag would tear if i put the other in there with it. opened the front door and a roach fell from outside and hit me. scared the FUCK out of me. so, i screamed, dropped my bag of kitty litter, and slammed my arm against the door frame. i tried taking a real picture of my real arm, but it was so much less impressive(much less.........should it just be less. hmm) than the picture i found. although, i have several flaps of skin about to fall off my now disfigured limb.the camera on my phone takes shitty pictures so, you'll have to deal with this non jane alternative.

so, NOW, i have a painful forearm, a steaming bag of cat shit on my front steps, and i'm afraid to leave for work in the morning. what to do, what to do.

damn roach.


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