Tuesday, May 26, 2009

slap me in my mouth 200 times every other day

on may 16th, (that'd be saturday before last) the rodster and i went to go see Hedwig and the Angry Inch. it was very, very small, but they did an amazing job recreating the story. i didn't start taking pictures until the second half of the show. unfortunately, i didn't get a picture of him wearing The Wig. AND in case you haven't noticed before, the camera on my phone takes hArrible pictures. just harrible. enjoy:

this is just a random band mate she conjured up when they were asking for tips. this was one of the mouths it was going go feed.
this is hedwig and yitzhak. in the movie, yitzhak was a grungy, white trash "gentleman" with a scruffy beard. this person did not even Resemble a man. :: sigh :: guess they got her for her pipes.

yitzhak during "his" solo. terrible, terrible picture. amAzing pipes.
aaaaaaand here we are, realizing oh my god!! yitzhak is actually a woman and hedwig is actually a man. a man with teeny, tiny little chicken legs. but he had stomach fuzz that i could see from 20 feet away without my glasses so i guess it balanced out............a little.
that's all, folks.


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