Tuesday, May 05, 2009

this is my brain and i live in it; it's not perfect but it's mine.

it's where i spend the vast majority of my time. it's not perfect, but it's mine.

for anyone who may not know, whenever my little hex went missing a few weeks ago, she apparently met a boy, did the nasty, and is now carrying his illegitimate seed in her belly. i've been trying to remedy that, but with the cost of various bills, i haven't yet been able to. i recently found a rescue group in shreveport called robinson's rescue. they do low cost spay neuter surgeries. and not just for low income families. they do it for Anyone willing to bring their pet there. awesome, right?? i'd called twice before and their computer was down, but to have my baby's abortion including pain meds, rabies shot, and the scooping was only going to be $60 total. that's amazing!! but like i said their computer was down. i called again today and they said they will not be able to fit her in until june. it seems as though we can't wait that long because it looks like she could blow kittens any day now.

so, i started calling around to other vets in that general area. vet#1 did not answer the phone. vet#2 went to their voicemail. vet# 3 will not be able to get me in until next friday. vet#4 put me on hold and never returned. vet #5 said their basic surgery package was $199.95 and the termination fee was an additional $82. i promptly peed my pants.

how much "should" it cost to kill kittens these days?? seriously. maybe we wouldn't have the severe pet overpopulation problem we have in this country if more people could afford to spay and neuter their pets. that's insane. it'd be cheaper to just let her give birth to them, take them to the pound, and let THEM kill them. or perhaps have them get adopted because they're tiny and cute over an adult cat whose been patiently waiting their turn and is euthanized instead. that just seems wrong to me. i understand that veterinarians went to school to get a career and make money, but sometimes greed is just greed. poor people like cats and dogs, too and would probably(for some people) would take better care of them if they had a little help financially. they do this for poor people who have children all the time. as a matter of fact, i learned today that to have a human abortion costs roughly 400-600 dollars. i found out a while back the girl i work with had her baby with our insurance for $250 flat. done. 250.

it's cheaper to breed!!
so, what is probably going to happen is i am going to suck up my pride and take her down to my current vet and take the ass raping of $180 to let them spay her there which should take them about 15-20 minutes.

the world is so backwards to me sometimes.


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