Monday, January 25, 2010

His and Hers

we ate pizza TWICE this past weekend. what?? we are pigs you say?? i say we are daring!! i say we laugh in the face of normal society that states you can only eat ridiculously fattening food that is mostly bread and cheese and calories and grease once a week, twice if you are bold!! i say we are super duper bold and will eat it as many times as we please!!....or until we get physically ill.

ALTHOUGH, in an effort to pretend to at least bid a respectful farewell to my diet for the weekend, i did buy turkey pepperoni instead of pork and the fat free cheddar cheese. also, on my side there is only spinach and mushrooms, both of which are virtually calorie free. and the crust was intended to be thin(supposedly lower calorie)....but i accidentally let it melt so i just clumped it into one big blob and mashed it out as best as i could and what we came up with was possibly the ugliest pizza ever made, but good googly moogly, it was feather plucking delicious.

oh, and we also broke my bed in an unfortunate genital exercising accident. so, there was a lot of calorie burning in addition to the pizza eating. so, i guess really my two days off weren't a total diet waste...back to eating tomatoes and spinach today, though.........yay......

as you can see, the second pizza turned out A LOT more aesthetically pleasing.....i'm thinking cinnamon rolls for this coming weekend!!!

p.s. did you read that part where we broke my bed?? because we totally did. :)


Anonymous Francois said...

Yeah Pizza !!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010 3:25:00 PM  

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