Monday, January 25, 2010

Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet

a few years ago, our night clerk and his fill in were both out sick one night and they just HAD to have someone cover. that's actually the position i started out at, so i quickly volunteered for the overtime. i'd missed the harassment from the linehaul truckers and all that went along with it. however inappropriate it may be to place a young, thin female in the midst of dirty old truckers, it's still a pretty damn fun environment to work in....most of the time. this one driver in particular, who had apparently become a regular since i stopped working the shift, kept coming in the office alllllllll night loooooooong. he kept asking me what kind of music i liked and what kind of movies i watched and my age, marital status, residential get the point. at the end of the night, when his cut time rolled around, he came in the office and said "well, i'm about to head back to lafayette but i just wanted to let you know, in case i don't get to see you again, you one fiiiiiiiiiiiine mothafucka." and left. that's been at LEAST two years. i got to work friday and had an email waiting that said "there's an envelope on my desk with your name on's a necklace from our lafayette driver." okay?? and this is what it was...i wasn't sure if i should be flattered or creeped out.....i'm gonna go with flattered, because if this kind of stuff creeped me out, i couldn't work where i work.

after opening it and going all the motions of a very confused person, my co worker said "ooh!! i'll take those if you don't want 'em!! my little girl is doing a mardi gras float for school and we could use 'em!!" so, there they went because if i'd kept them, they would have just rotted in a box somewhere in my closet along with tons of other stuff i probably don't know the origin of anymore.

anybody out there ever seen the show hoarders?? thinking of signing myself up...


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