Thursday, August 13, 2009

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. find out what it means to thee.

#1) i'm sorry that i can't give you my caloric intake until later. for the time being you'll have to settle for an actual update. my sincerest of apologies.

#2)i had an unusual feeling come over me today. it took me a while to even diagnose it. i feel that for my job's sake, i shouldn't go into too many details. recently, one of my colleagues had a slight accident at work. by "at work" i mean, on their way IN to work. on the steps. before reaching the door. before clocking on. before working. said colleague was hurt, not badly, but painfully enough. i heard later that day that said colleague went to the hospital with a workman's compensation form. (to reiterate: said colleague was not on company time nor were they doing company work) i tried to rationalize this in my head. i finally deduced that because this person did state "i've never been hurt on the job before. i don't know what to do" this obviously meant that perhaps they were doing that to cover their ass, but would surely realize once they reached work kare, that this whole shannanagin was utterly absurd and would most likely be laughed out of the doctor's office. now. i would like to interrupt this bulletin by saying that we recently received a pay cut at work. not huge. 5%. but enough to feel it. we had meetings on saving office supplies. not using too many staples. please run the markers until you have no more ink you can possibly squeeze out. that sort of thing. our company is trying desperately to conserve as much money as possible to conserve as many jobs as possible in the increasingly poopy economy. which i can respect. it bothers me that my paycheck has shrunk back to where i was 2 years ago, but i can still respect the salvation part of the sentiment. sooo, i hear today that as it turns out, our company covers you from the time reach our property and exit your vehicle to the time you exit the facility and enter your vehicle. said colleague's paperwork is being filed as we speak......assuming that we were speaking. which we're not. because quite obviously, i'm typing and you're reading.


this person is now talking about having to have an MRI done to make sure there's no further damage. possibly surgery in the future. now. once, i heard that, something deep down within me stirred. i couldn't quite put my finger on it. due to an act of blatant and severe clumsiness, this person is about to sue our company to pay the cost of blatantly severe clumsy medical bills. pain, anguish, and suffering are bound to follow. it very brightly dawned on me that this is greed in it's purest form. our company has allowed this person to stay employed when they could be jobless. i used the term allow very strongly and literally. i've lost respect for this person and i'm mad about it. this is a VERY rare feeling for me. as many of you may know, i am a "dupe". i am easily "duped". you can poop on my face, say you are sorry, and i will say "oh, it's okay. i shouldn't have had the big poop on me sticker on my face. sorry about that. that's my fault. i'll clean that up." i hold most people in the utmost regard whether they deserve it or not. nearly everyone i know, actually. it genuinely disturbed me that someone would do this. i hear about this kind of stuff on teevee, but they're really doing it. this is the equivalent of those chubbsters who sued mcdonalds for making them fat or scalding them with their clearly labeled "hot" coffee. the hackers who have smoked for 20 years and are surprised their lungs are riddled with cancer spots. it's just greed not even justified greed. just plain greed.

it bothered me so much, that when i went to ask our manager a question about something totally unrelated i just stood in silence after our conversation. i wanted to ask him so desperately "they're gonna dispute that, right?? they're not really gonna get money for that, right??" he just looked at me and asked if there was anything else. all i could do was walk out. it's not my business. at all. not even a little bit. but really?? aren't there like an underlying code of ethics for sane adults these days?? it's an insult for those of us who Work to gain money.

how rude.

but thank god we saved the burger king bag, right??


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