Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my life as a vegetarian

so far in my pathetic attempt at a vegetarian quest:

monday for lunch i had left over pepperoni pizza and cheese sticks. for lunch a salad with roman dressing. wait. i mean russian dressing. salad with russian dressing. then for supper i had the Rest of the pepperoni pizza and cheese sticks. there, poison consumed and out of my refrigerator!! bam. gone. done.

today for breakfast, i had a lean cuisine with pasta, chicken, and vegetables. two cheese and veggie sammaches for lunch, and was given a free cheeseburger(to be thrown away) from sonic which i ate for supper. then some raisin bran. it's a slow cleansing process. that's it.

i realized also that i still have nearly an entire packet of bacon in my fridge. and if there's one thing worse than animals being killed for consumption, it's allowing those animals to be killed for consumption in vain and having their bodies tossed out like garbage.

:: sigh ::

i disappoint myself on a daily basis so badly. i may as well go tear a live rabbit apart with my bare teeth and drink his blood over a pentagram made of ashes of the desecrated graves of indians.


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