Sunday, April 12, 2009

chicken chicken bo bicken banana fanna fo ficken me mi mo micken


for the record, this video is Very graphic.

this can't be healthy to consume. seriously. you know that's where salmonella comes from?? bacteria produced by stressed out birds during egg laying . god, i really wish i were vegan. i tried going vegan/vegetarian a while back. i'm not sure what happened. i'm guessing i watched a couple animal cruelty videos and got all pumped up about doing the noble thing, then trailed back off into the oh so seductive mcdonalds trap. actually, i've come to loathe mcdonalds, but i've definitely fallen into the chick fil a and wendy's trap. at the amanda palmer concert we went to a couple weeks ago, she mentioned that she was a vegan. she has a personal "motto" that she lives by: you shouldn't eat anything you wouldn't personally kill yourself. i've heard this before and this makes perfect sense to me. i'd like to be that person. not the hypocritical meat obsessed puss who types before you. i know how this probably comes across and i know it's annoying to read. as much as i can dig anti animal cruelty propaganda all day long, i still can't stand to listen to the overzealous activists that insist you do exactly as they do because YOU are a terrible, ignorant, closed minded person. the same with overzealous christians, i suppose. there are few things more precious in the world than a true christian who loves and accepts everyone for who they are and lives by way of Showing kindness and generosity. i know because i've known some. very, Very few. as opposed to the zealot who wants to scream hellfire and damnation to your soul because you touch alcohol or fornicate or heaven forbid say a fucking curse word here and there. ehh. i think i'm trailing, but hopefully you see my point. how did i get off on christians?? christians just seem to get a bad rap alot of times just because of a few over judgemental haters over the years, when true christianity is based on love and acceptance. jesus was, after all, the ultimate hippie you know. regardless, the next time i eat processed meat, i suppose i should ask myself "what would hippie jew jesus do??" then go for the fish.

or perhaps the crustaceans, because i've heard their nervous systems are not designed the same way ours is and they somehow do not have the ability to feel pain. hold please..........................................well. now i just feel like a starving jackass. apparently they DO feel pain. and also, apparently die rather horribly.



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