Wednesday, April 08, 2009

stephanie is a peckerhead!!

went to spencer's the other day to find a thing or two. i did not find what i was looking for, but i found a nice alternative. hopefully, it'll do. while there, we, of course, went through the adult novelty section. cause lord knows i love me some adult novelties. even though most scare the shit out of me. i'm venturing off the subject. muh bad. we found a bunch of really cute accessories, one of which, being this little beauty. the head band with bobbly penises attached. need me one of them. maybe when i finally sucker a man into signing his life away to me, someone will buy me one for my bachelorette party. actually, i'm only kidding. i'm much rather have the wedding veil with the little penises hanging all over it. one can only hope.

:: fingers crossed ::


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