Thursday, April 09, 2009

good morning baltimore

it's nearly 5 am and i'd like to sit and write a more substantial post, let's see....... did i tell you that all pets in our trailer park have to be inside?? surely i did. do you know how much poop four healthy adult cats can produce in a single day?? a fucking LOT. that's how much. i feel like i've complained about this multiple times, but seriously, the amount of poopage these feline's produce cannot be over exaggerated. it's just SO MUCH. bleigh. i mention this because i just spent the last 15 minutes cleaning my hallway, which is where i keep the litter boxes. we gotta cut down numbers round here. need a cat or 3?? when you change your mind, you know where to come.......

alright. gotta go get ready for work so i can pretend to be on time for a change. hahaha. yeah, THAT's totally gonna happen.


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