Friday, March 27, 2009

and i was so Angry and OH how i cried

why did i have to be a wednesday's child??

and why the hell is this underlined?? that's weird. maybe it wont post this way. piece o' shite website!! being all above my intellectual means. ass hole!!

guess who came hoooome?? my ever surprised looking little hex. i was playing online earlier and i heard the most God awful yowling coming from outside and since i've recently gotten a complaint notice about my cats roamin the neighborhood, i knew it couldn't have been one of mine. wrong!! i guess i really did jump the grief gun too early. poor hex. i didn't have enough faith in her to make it five whole days on her own. i feel like i should be ashamed, but you'd be amazed the amount of shit this cat gets her clumsy little ass into. hell, the first day i left her home by herself she fell in the half a centemeter crack behind the refrigerator. praise jesus for fridge wheels, too. otherwise, she'd still be back there, only stinkier. hmm. so, i guess by now she's figured out that she's a clumsy ass and has learned to be resourceful in perilous situations. whatever the case, i'm happy she's home.


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