Wednesday, March 25, 2009

we'll build a freezer for the polar bears; we'll build a freezer for the penguins!!

we went to a very blurry amanda palmer concert(or it would seem) this past weekend in houston at the house of blues. IT. WAS. AWESOME. the room we were in was TINY. it almost seemed like a private showing. well, had it not been for the other two hundred people there. the last concert i went to of hers while she was still with the dresden dolls was flipping huge. very impersonal. not that concerts are really meant to be personal, but you could yell out and she would actually speak back to you and have mini conversations from stage. such as: "AMANDA!" "YEAH?" "WHAT'S YOUR TWITTER NAME??" "TWITTER/AMANDAPALMER." "AH!! THAT MAKES SENSE." or "AMANDA!!" "YEAH??" "FUCK ME, PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!" "ooooh. YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO JUST SHUT UP FOR THE REST OF THE SHOW. YOU'RE BOTHERING PEOPLE. PLEASE DON'T TALK ANYMORE." for which the crowd cheered. because in amanda's defense, this guy/girl/fan/person was being pretty fucking bothersome.

she actually played the entire show standing up. because the room was so small, it also had a very small stage. and when she sat, we short folks could not see. how sweet is that?? she broke her back playing her heart out for however long just for ME!! 'course i stood in one spot suffering from oxygen depravation of the brain due to my alcohol induced state and lost feeling in the lower part of my legs and began to imaginarily bleed from my back just for her. but i love her and that's the sort of thing you do for people you love. or people you just really, really wanna stalk, which IS a form of love. it's the overachiever's form of love. and you remember that.

before we were allowed to get a glimpse at miss palmer. we were graced by the presence of vermillion lies. a sister group who does i'd say "playful ragtime"?? i'm sure they have a genre, but i'm uncertain on it. i was very skeptical at first. as i always am of new people encroaching on my safe territory. but i was blown away. very, very impressed. they got me with long red hair. zoey is in the picture above and was my personal favorite. got to meet her at the merchandise stand afte the show. i walked up to her and said basically i thought her voice was beautiful and it reminded me of an old 1920's black ragtime singer and i didnt wanna be one of those annoying fan people so that was it. she just stood and stared at me for a minute. eyeball to eyeball as if waiting for more. maybe she didn't hear me. it was a very long awkward wait for me.

this blurry young lady is her sister kim. the squibbly thing you see "dangling" from what appears to an arm is in fact a marionette who danced through several of their songs. he was vurry, vurry cute. i did not meet her, BUT did see her standing alone on the other side of the bar after the show. figured Somebody woulda been talking to her. nope. this sighting lasted for a grand total of like 15 seconds because i was on my way back from the bathroom to go hang out in the smokers lounge with the amazing yendor so the crowd could pass and we could sift the merchandise table in peace. we wound up getting a vermillion lies t shirt, an amanda palmer cd for a friend, and the collection of vermillion lies cds.

the whole night was awesome. purely and simply wonderful. couldn't have asked for a better birthday present.

thank you. : )


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