Thursday, March 19, 2009

what's the use of a heart if there's no one for it to beat for??

after looking up ALOT of stuff on breasts tonight for reasons we'll label "none of your business", those saline implants look pretty damned convincing. seriously. if only i had 7000 dollars laying around. i like to pretend to be one of those people who accepts yourself for who you are and what you have. and i am...........some days. today is not one of those days. i have a lump in my breast. we all know this, right??? we are all faithful readers and have followed this story from the beginning, yes?? and by follow this story, i mean "read that one post", yes?? good. i have what is called a fibroadenoma. its a har...............READ IT YOURSELF!! i'm getting off track. i guess i spoiled the none of your business speil there. :: sigh :: now i guess you know why i was a lookin' at tha boobs. anyway. today is not one of those days. today is one of those days that everybody called in sick to work and you come home to google boobs and somehow get lost on a breast augmentation site showing girls that look exactly like you, only topless instead of bottomless. and you realise. wow. you could look like that. YOU. president of the itty bitty titty committee could look like a normal human being. because, of course, if you turn just right in your bathroom mirror you do resemble a normal person, but you just brush it off as all girls look like a slightly chubby little boys when they take their clothes off. ALL GIRLS. oh, but no. they don't. believe me. goog.....wait....on second thought.......just try remember the Last girl you were with. see?? told you. fat ten year old boy?? yeah. i didn't think so. they used to not be that bad. because i Used to weight 120 lbs for like ever. so, they just looked like i lost them because my body was eating them away trying to find any source of sustinance it could to survive. but now. psh. now, it looks like my body's eating them away because there's not a snickers bar within an arms reach of me and it began to go insane with hunger and rage!! then i realize there are people out there like this. people god is angry at enough to give even smaller breasts than mine. NOT MUCH, mind you, but i'm practically Boobs McGee compared to this lady.

baaaah. who am i kiddin?? i'll wake up tomorrow morning on my stomach comfortable as any man. walk around for a while with my breasts bumping my chin and realise, it will take fucking FOREVER before i have the ability to play hacky sack with those things.... i dont have to complain about them when i run. my shirts are NEVER too short in the front. i do not sweat under my breasts. and finally..................well. suffice it to say I like them.


haha, this writing's tiny. ahem:

*yawn* good night.................


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