Friday, March 30, 2007

dont tell me if you're off to see the world. i know you wont get very far. dont tell me if you got another girl. just tell me if you get another car.

oh my god, what a month!! where to begin...

well, for starters, this is my new car. tada!! sorry i only took a picture from the shadowy side. not enough room to get a decent picture from the other side. if any one cares, i may try to take another, better, picture later.

i got this car officially on monday. lemme tell you that story:

last monday, i was on my way to bossier (blanchard actually) to look at a trailer and a lot for sale i'd found in the paper. i'd looked for it the weekend prior and i think the guy had given me the directions wrong so i decided to go a different route. always being the uncertain one, i called my dispatcher at work. you know, since giving directions is 9/10 of his job. he told me to turn around and get back onto I 220 (being the exit i'd just missed) so i got off at industrial dr where they're having a huge construction zone with barrels everywhere and what not and the traffic lights are out and covered with a material something. i sat at the stop sign for a while waiting on my clear shot. a big truck came to a rolling stop and i didnt see anybody else for a ways back (yeah, i said "a ways back". bite me and my grammar) so i went. about a half a second later i saw this long blue car JUST before she plowed into the driver's side of my car, spinning my car around and crushing the middle and back end. i sat stunned in the middle of the very busy street screaming and "OH, GOD!!"ing my head off before i realized that was probably not the safest place for me to be. so, i drove back up onto the exit ramp i'd just pulled out of. someone eventually came over to my car and told me the cops were on their way. someone else had to open my door because A) i'd busted my left arm to pieces and B) when she hit me it crushed in the middle divider and so part of my driver's door.

the ambulance and police got there minutes later. i requested to go to the hospital because i'd hit my head repeatedly in all the spinning and my elbow was constantly swelling and it felt like very small druids were starting to build a fire alter in my joint. protocol said i had to wear a neck brace and be strapped to the bed. I GOT TO RIDE IN AN AMBULANCE FOR THE FIRST TIME. WOOHOO!! i didnt realize until then how rough a vocabulary i had until then. i was, apparently, cussing every other word and the guys were having a field day off it. i'm assuming after seeing little shaking me this would be the equivalant of hearing alvin and the chipmunks going off on a "mother fucker-son of a bitch" rant. see?? i find that funny.

we finally got to the emergency room where i got x-rayed by the resident retarted blonde girl with big tits. who to all my questions responded "haha, oh really?" and continued beebopping her pony tail. i gave up.

as it turns out, my arm is not broken, just swollen and scabby. so, they sent me home with a sling and a two day work release. which, through the kindness of my new boss, turned into three days. heh heh.

since anyone who's actually read this far is probably desperately searching for the end somewhere close to here. this is for you:
my car was totalled completely.
my arm really isnt broken and working fine now.
the new car i got is a 2006 chevy cobalt still under factory warranty i got for ten thousand at a used car place in ruston, la.
it's damn near impossible to rent a car in natchitoches, la.
no, i never got to see that trailer in blanchard.

now. it's 10 after and i need to go hop in the shower and i hope to update again this month. keep checking back.

i'm not playing. you keep checking back or i'll come to your house while you sleep, bitch.


Anonymous luap said...

why you gotta be callin people bitches and stuff??

Saturday, March 31, 2007 4:23:00 AM  
Blogger finished2912 said...

Sorry that you were injured. This upsets me further. Two of my sons were in similiar accidents this year and I continue to be bothered by people who drive too fast and without any caution in potential accident scenarios.

Good luck with your new car. My wife and I are looking for two replacement cars for the ones that were totaled in those accidents I mentioned.

Monday, April 02, 2007 5:40:00 AM  

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