Thursday, October 06, 2005

A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast

Proverbs 12:10

I've taken a (more severe) recent interest in animal cruelty. I've been TiVoing animal cop shows for quite a while now. I'm stupified by the amount of apathy some people display. A week or two ago at work, a girl wanted to look at gross pictures. So, we wandered around for a while then ventured into google images to look for deformities, dead people, whatever. So, with my gory interest poked, I went on a search for the nastiest stuff I could find. Different methods of torture of humans and animals. Anyways, I've had my little interests change back and forth to different things the last few days, but I stumbled across the dog meat market in Korea. Wow. I seriously doubt any of the 2.3 people who monthly look at my site have any interest in this sort of thing, but just in case this website has alot of very interesting and educational information on the Korean dog and cat meat trade.

Snippit: Koreans believe that dogs that die painfully will release more adrenaline into their flesh, creating a more potent and flavorful meat.

On a lighter note:

Have you ever heard of a mooncup?? I found one on ebay. I am intrigued by this, if not a little frightened.

I found the coolest bathtub today. It glows in the dark, right up my alley. They even have a sink to match.

A penis-cheeto. I so, so, SO need to start doing ebay. The shipping on this damn thing is $5.00.

And here we have a penis cozy.

Okay, I'll stop talking about penises now. Partially because it's becoming less amusing and mostly because a supervisor just walked in.

I am still at work at....2:45 in the morning. My car has once again proven to be a complete piece of shit. I say that. It has given me alot of headache, but I guess in all honesty I havent really given it the best treatment. I drive it as hard as I can, and I rarely change the oil. So, I suppose this is ultimately my fault. WHATEVER THE CASE, I am in need of a new car. Seriously, seriously in need of a new car.

And, as usual, nothing really of interest has happened lately. I'm sitting at work, bored, looking for crap on the internet. Most of which isnt worth creating a link for. So, assuming you stopped by and got this far, thanks...


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