Tuesday, August 23, 2005


alright, you tell me if i'm strange. how old were you when you started thinking about death? really giving it any consideration? 20's, teens, younger?? personally, me and my friends used to discuss this when we were like 5 and 6 years old. i vividly remember wishing i would be killed and eated by wild animals, so my body wouldnt just go to waste. also, specifically wanting to be killed by lions, because i watched a special on tv or read something that said lions go straight for the throat and try to suffocate their victims before they eat.

then after i got a couple years older, i decided that might be a wee bit painful. so, cancer was the way i decided i should go. you know exactly how you're gonna die, unless some freak accident happens. you know basically how long you're gonna live. you have a pretty good guesstimate on how much time you have to get all of your affairs in order. finances, emotional bonds, spirituality. you can have everything done so no one has to worry once you do die. everything will be taken care of. this is i guess still the way i'd rather go.

does no one else think about this?? am i really that morbid?? if you found out your 5 year old child was wondering about how he or she was going to die, would you put them in counseling for being unhealthy?? or maybe decide they just like to think deeper about some things??

can anyone relate to me here at all?? or am i just being retarted today??


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