Friday, September 30, 2005

i didnt realize how long it had been since i had updated. this is just pathetic. i do think about it on occasion. i promise.

not much has happened since the 16th that i can remember right off the top of my head. we had another hurricane. yay! at least the weather was cool at the house for a day. it was dark and windy. it was awesome. and then sunday looked like a page out of a childrens book. it was gorgeous outside. very very nice. something to appreciate after all these grueling months of just plain sticky heat.

i found out this week that my dog has discovered motion sickness. more specifically: car sickness. she has now thrown up twice in my car. once in my cup holders and once on a towel i brought just in case. thank goodness. ickity.

my car is still a piece of crap. i'm having it fixed yet again this weekend. i'm paying a totally different man to re-fix what i paid the last guy nearly $2000 to do wrong in the first place. do i like flushing money down the toilet?? yes, it would seem so. and in addition to just being a normal piece o'poo, with this sudden hike of gas prices(again) i will now be spending approx $400 a month in gas. FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! i could pay like a "good car" note for that. eh, one day.

one day...


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