Monday, March 21, 2005

Projectile Vomiting

it's monday again folks. still hacking up small green people. getting over yet another massive hangover from a drink that didnt 'seem' to have a whole lot of alcohol to it. haha, you fooled me again.

let's see. saturday night was spent once again at the red injun club. i saw the girl that i took care of on halloween night. she asked if i remembered her and apologized. i told her she cussed me out like twice, but i didnt mind because later that night, i did the exact same thing. she told me she's stopped drinking, too. not so sure i believe that, but then again, she might just have a generally friendly demeanor. i dont know. eh, not my business.

i also got to see myself 20 years from now if something doesnt change soon. i was talking to Dude after the show was over and i grabbed his hat because i wanted to read the back of it. before i got it off, woman comes and snatches it out of my hand and puts it back on his head and tells him they have to go. again, right before they leave i gave him a hug bye and he started saying 'this is the babe right here. this is THE BABE" she says "what?!?! that's who?!?!?! babe whatever, let's go" for a moment i was amused at her jealousy then i realized, wow, i' m just like that. then i shivered, burped, and got over it.

i got to see a guy i work with. i'm afraid to see him today. you know, all that hard fuckin' we did outside on his truck. JUST KIDDING, JOKE JOKE. i did give him a pretty hard huggin' though. and since i'm the little-miss-touch-me-not at work. i'm afraid of what he has to say when he gets here. damn friendly banter!

and uh, yeah, got drunk. proceeded to eat lots of pizza and drink fruit juice when i got home. slept for two hours and learned the true meaning of projectile vomiting. i've never done that before i dont think. it was probably the best hangover i've ever had though. i was still in a pretty good mood all day long. you know, when i was awake.

hrm. i've officially grown a breast. dont know where it came from, but now one is like twice as big as the other and hurts like hell. maybe i pulled a muscle. maybe i have breast cancer. who knows??

i also have a giant inexplicable bruise on the back of my arm. IT CANT BE EXPLICT!

alrighty, i'm made my overly stupid joke for the day, now i'm gonna go see who i can bum money off of to get myself some food.


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