Friday, March 18, 2005


i discovered today that i have an ab. yes, AN ab. just one. i've coughed so much that i've either popped an intestine out of socket, strained a muscle, or just used a muscle so much it decided it's about time it beefed up. i should get sick more often, maybe my other body parts would jump on the band wagon. eh, i doubt it. lazy ass body parts. ::cough::

does the mere sight of people ever make you want to vomit?? right now i'm sitting at the desk of our little mother-to-be (at work) smiling with her little father-to-be in one photo at what appears to be hawaii wearing matching necklaces that are all fluffy, they're called lays in some variation of spelling i'm sure and another photo riding his back down by a lake or river or something. ::bluigh::

there goes that muscle again... ow

well, the new grrl beat me to work today. i was a little ashamed. but at least i finally have her for my whole shift. which considering that in two days it's gonna be her job, that's kinda nice. so, today i got to sit on my ass and just answer questions and point and what not. which was fine till we decided she wanted to do it on her own. so, i sat watchfully close by and stuck weird black clippie thing for papers (not a paper clip) and she told me i just needed to leave.

"am i making you nervous?"

"no, you're just bothering me."

"but i'm not making you nervous?"

"jane, its not like i dont want you sitting by me, but get away from me."

wow. i didnt realize just my mere presence was so obnoxious. i realize when i talk and stuff sure, but i just didnt realize. so, we're now sitting on our ass two desks over. hopefully out of range for being bothersome.

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i finally got the cd player i got for christmas put in my car. yay! i have to hold my hand on it to keep it from falling out, but hopefully that'll be resolved in a few days.

alrighty, gotta go back to almost helping newbie finish up. later...


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