Tuesday, March 22, 2005


alright. who knew that yesterday was the first day of spring? huh? who was it? because i certainly didn't. so, i suppose, now seems like a perfectly good time to get in on that cleaning business i've heard so much about. i'll start that tomorrow.

so, right now. at this present time. i am sitting in an office with two other people, right? i type the fastest by far of anybody in this room added together. while the other two folks are working their little fingers to the bone, i am sitting on my ass playing online. i love my job sometimes. 'course this is bound to go on for only a day or two more. damnit. but i'll enjoy my void floating until then. Wwwweeeeeeeee.......

oh, and i forgot to mention on my previous post of all the wonderful things that took place at the bar saturday. i also got told that being bow legged was the sexiest attribute a woman could have. (the word attribute was not actually present in this 'compliment' it was substituted later) 'course he did feel me up while he told me, so i guess all is not a total loss.

so, david spade wore a dick on his nose for an owen wilson impersonation. i saw the picture. he actually resembled. good work david.

and there's our current event for tonight...

i almost gave our pups away to a complete stranger last night at wal*mart. the more i thought about, the guiltier i felt. at first it was for her.

"do you live in a house or an apartment?"

"well, actually, i want one to surprise my mama with one. she live in a house."

seems like a horrible idea to me, but maybe its a family thing.

then "ooh, my sister want one too. i just take both of 'em. oh, please let me have a puppy, please."

so, now. i'm nervous. do i give this stranger who i'm not sure would have the ability to care for the puppy and might have a nice collection of puppy slippers with matching furry bathrobe at home? or do i hang on to them for another 10 or 11 years and see who else wants them?



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