Wednesday, November 10, 2004

El Dia De Dos

well, here we are at day two. which is actually three days away from day one. its a mathmatical anomoly, just flow with it. this apparently is showing how my dedication is going to be. sadly, i'm already disappointed in myself with this. eh, we'll get over it.

i recently read some of the other blogs that we have here on our opening page, and by some, i mean one. i was so sorely disappointed in my own site i somehow had overlooked the underachievement of the other sites. so, i now feel better. i also have realized today that i no longer have the ability to spell, so please feel free to correct in a comment or two (i mean that, YOU)

speaking of words children (hm) our word for the day is: shit, because i suddenly cant remember how to spell the word that i was going to put on here that i learned yesterday. oh, well. well, my alternative, which i seem to have no choice but to use is: intermammory sulcus. this is the proper term for the place between your breasts. not quite cleavage, because its not the split, its just the flesh. so there. dont you feel smarter??

and i'm starting to run late for work, so i'm gonna have to cut you kids off early. sorry about that. dont cry to hard. i said DONT!!!

anyway, i love you all sort of and leave me a comment and tell me the same back. its okay, its not because you mean it, its because i told you to, so that makes it morally right, thank you :) and goodnight


Blogger Crazy B said...

Obviously the keyboard won't let her capitalize anything. It's okay though. I like intermammory sulcus. Sexy. Love ya crazy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004 11:32:00 AM  

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