Saturday, September 26, 2009

it runs in the family, do what you want with me

i often worry about my seeming inability to fit in with adult society. i prefer the child's society. it seems much simpler to me. if someone upsets you, you can A) cry until they feel bad B)tattle to an adult who punishes them appropriately {assuming you spun your tattle correctly, which i always did} or C) throw a rock at them and run away. these three things can be used interchangeably. you can go straight to C, or if you can be a little more patient, you can use B and assuming for whatever reason, you tattle wasn't constructed properly, THEN move on to C. or you can try all three. these three things can solve all of child hoods problems. ALL OF THEM. it's not so simple in the realm of adults. 1) nobody cares if you tattle, because well, you're an adult now!! 2) nobody cares if you cry and 3) you can go to federal pound me in the ass prison for throwing rocks at people. who knew THAT one would end up in unauthorized butt sex?? i feel that there was supposed to be some kind of gradual transition into learning what an adult's appropriate reaction is to be to things that upset them. i apparently missed out on that somehow. i feel that i've grown up to be the queen and supreme ruler of The Land Of Awkward Silence.i just realize more and more on a daily basis that i will never fully fit into the "norm" of the civilized realm of social interaction. there's no "story" to tell here. i just frustrate myself. how are adult supposed to handle frustrations legally?? alcohol?? i suppose.



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