Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i broke the dam

it's nearly 3 am and i'm bored out of my skull. can't anyone help me?? i guess now would be the perfect time to clean as i'm positive no one will disturb me. ehh. for some odd reason i'm not in the mood for teevee OR food. if you can imagine such a thing. i came home from work yesterday, watched south park, ate some chicken noodle soup, and passed out. i slept for 9 freakin' hours. i suppose i'll wait an hour, bathe, and head on into work, if they'll let me. man, this sucks.

on a lighter note, i purchased a yoga ball the other day. now, i don't look quite as silly as the guy in this video, but then again, i'm not exercising with it yet. i've replaced my computer chair with it and so far, i'm in love. even if you're not actively trying to do anything, just wiggling, bouncing, and trying to stay balanced will keep you moving literally non stop. i love it. i've probably burned a good 6 or 7 calories. i even whipped out my capris for this update to appear more zen like. :: DEEP BREATH ::

now. off to the bath. i've worked up quite a sweat. whew!!


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