Sunday, August 16, 2009

you're beautiful when you explode

it's true. you are. and for the record, the first 1:58 of that video is useless. the one that you would be taken to once you clicked on the title. clickity click click away.

i got this cat this weekend while checking the mail. she was wandering around by the first trailer in our trailer park. the kid that lives there said she was just a stray. she's so tiny. i can't stand the thought of her being run over or eaten by something bigger.i brought her home, much to the dismay of my other kitties. she's VERY affectionate. VERY cuddly. and VERY opposed to the idea of a litter box. i was awakened at 2 something this morning with a small puddle forming between my arm and my chest. i screamed and she catapulted herself across the room leaving a trail of urine in her wake. i got up and washed sheets. well, i threw them in the hallway and went angrily back to bed. i'm ABOUT to get up and wash sheets. i'll give her credit that she can't be more than 8-9 weeks old, maximum. she's probably never seen a litter box before. OR maybe that's why her family threw her outside in the first place. because they couldn't handle being pissed on in the middle of the night. the first scenario makes me feel better. i'll deal with this headache for the next week. then, well, she'll be gone.

any body interested in a free kitten?? she's very, very sweet. eh?? eh??


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