Friday, February 01, 2008

I Am Jane's Unrelenting Yet Caged Desire For Mental Freedom

here we are. groundhog's eve. ahh. smell the alfalfa.

alright. so, my nephew's mother is coming in to town this weekend. my nephew's mother, otherwise known as my sister, otherwise known as "laverne". otherwise known as "THE BONE CRUSHER!!" okay, that's not true. but she, her new fiance, her preteen son, her teenage daughter, victor, and I will all be staying in my home. part of me is thinking victor forgot to mention to his mother while planning this little tripperoo that the duplex i live in is two rooms: the holy refrigerator room and the bed/living/family room. i dont think six people will be able to fit in it. did i mention i had three cats??? oh, there's also the bathroom. i guess, if need be, we can always make somebody sleep in the bathtub. i better rush home to hide the porn, erotica, dildos, vibrators, and vodka. i'll let you know how that goes.

unless you're an ass. in which case, i wont. and you'll always wonder. but there wont be anything you can do about it.

i'm gettin' my hair did tomorrow morning. can you imagine?? i havent had a hair cut in probably two years or more. i dont even remember what that feels like. i'm going to get it cut and dyed. black with blue tips. small tips. tiny tips. microscopic tips. i think we're supposed to have some important people come to our office next week, so i dont wanna go too overboard and get in trouble with my terminal manager. please refer to the title.

the bra and panty set i bought are black with blue skulls and crossbones. it's kick ass. i know you've been on the edge of your seats waiting on that one.

now that the room mate is bringing in a steady paycheck, we've started catching up on bills and can start to begin to crawl out of the bottom of the ramen noodle packets, which, until now, is what has been the main sustanance in our diets. since there's a few extra pennies floating around, we've started renting movies. i saw fight club night before last. i was thoroughly amazed. i've avoided that movie since it came out as a "guy movie" riddled with action, boobies, and guys beating the shit out of other people. instead i was pleasantly surprised by intellect, insanity, and a HUGE THROBBING COCK. it still had the people beating the shit out of other people, but that part was surprisingly entertaining as well. i thoroughly enjoyed it all the way around. we also rented labrynth last night, which i fell asleep during about 7 minutes into it. i hope to finish that tonight and get started on the 'burbs and go a little further into season one of third rock from the sun.

i finally got my kitty spayed last week. in total it cost a HUNDRED and FORTY SEVEN dollars. i miss dr. blalock. now, twenty bucks of that are actually for boarding because i was still too drunk last saturday morning to go and pick her up and the office was closed on sunday so i had to wait until monday, but STILL. that's insane. she's gotta go back on tuesday to have her stitches removed.

her stainless steel stitches.

let's every one remember goblin in our prayers tuesday, please.


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