Sunday, September 23, 2007

he may not be real experienced with girls, but i know he feels like a boy should feel. isnt that the point??

apparently not.

i finally gained temporary access to the internet again. WHOO HOO!! this is driving me mad. i've come to accept the fact that i've moved out of the house that granted me sporadic internet access before. you know, 'cause at least i still had work. BUT, now they've cut that off, too. they've got all but like 4 websites blocked. will i never have internet of my own again????? nevah evah???? i did, however, FINALLY get around to getting my computer last week, so i guess really i'm half way there. we'll see. maybe i'll have it by christmas.

my nephew moved in with me this weekend. now. here's how this was "supposed" to work: he was supposed to come NEXT weekend and give me another week to arrange my shit so he could arrange his and get all of my manic masturbation out and all that jazz. and once he did come, he's supposed to start on break bulk shift (or night shift...for the layman) therefore never having to see each other. instead, he got laid off a week early and is being started at 6 o'clock in the morning bright and early monday, same as me. now, lord knows i can appreciate the fact that my bills are gonna still be cut in half. but i'm basically gonna be with him 24 mother friggin hours a day. 24. that means all of them. there hasnt really seemed to be a problem so far. but well. as you all know, i live in a two room duplex. one kitchen, one main room. that's it. sharing the same room and job 24/7. i'm assuming you can see the problems that can arise here. please. no one be surprised if my bowels pop here within the next 2-3 weeks.

speaking of which.........nephew, not bowels. i gotta jump offa here and head home to get him and to grandmothers house we go so everyone can pinch his cheeks and see how much he's grown since last time and we can get some good old fashioned free food.


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