Thursday, June 30, 2005

gut wrenching

i am so ungodly sick, its not funny. my stomach keeps twisting and turning right above my belly button. oh, nothings happening. no relief anywhere. nooo, course not. that'd be too easy.

well, i'm a horrible parent. by parent, i mean, pet owner. yesterday was my puppys birthday. i didnt realize that until about 1 this morning. he's 5 years old. ::sigh:: they grow up so fast. i cant believe i forgot though. that's disturbing.

katie, daytime girl at work, went into premature labor yesterday, which is scary for her i'm sure, since they made a whole big ordeal about how they absolutely did not want her going into labor by herself because she's prone to seizures. she's been seeing her doctor 2wice a week for monitoring to make sure everything's okay. i feel sorry for her because she's been nervous like crazy here recently about that.

not sure if i mentioned that i got to talk to that guy i met at the bar this weekend. that was an interesting conversation. it was like talking to me. i couldnt hear anything he was saying and when i got him to speak up, all his words ran together. grr. it was like having a conversation with me. i guess now i know how brad feels. he called me 3 times yesterday. i had my phone off at the time, but the first two messages he left were nothing but him holding the phone till my answering machine ran out and the 3rd is "girl, you say you're so lonely. what about me?? call me. this is steven." he wasnt laughing at all and sounded really pissy. it was even kinda scary the way he said it. he also sent me a text message after that that said "hey, sexy, didnt hear from yo today, call me later" skrange. soo, several factors added together, here's my plan. i text message him later today and tell him me and my boyfriend got in a big fight and i cant talk to him anymore and apologizing if i come across bitchy. hopefully, that'll work. i like getting to know new people and all (riiiiight) but this is one headache i just dont think is worth it.


Blogger Crazy B said...

I think you need an enima. I don't know how an enima could help you but it would be cool just knowing that you had an enima because I said so.

Friday, July 01, 2005 2:28:00 PM  

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