Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the kid demands a smoke off..."WELL BRING HIM ON!!" says pearl

i'll grind his fingers off his hands, he'll roll until he drops.
says calistoge, i'll smoke that chick till she blows up and pops.

i love shel silverstein. i've had that song stuck in my head for about 3 hours now. no, i dont know how to spell calistoge. i'm just guessin'. cool song though.

my new favorite food: cherry halls cough drops and mountain dew. mmm. nummy.

i've officially ruined my favorite pair of pants today. a friend gave me these that she'd worn forever then i got them and further wore them out. today i scooted down in my chair and suddenly my ass got a slight chill. it was then i realized, i'd ripped the seat of my pants. so, for the rest of the night i guess everybody'll get a free show. :: sniff :: my favorite pants.

and now, as usual. another picture of a dog:
mary ann's adoption is actually pending so i normally wouldnt waste my oh so valuable time on putting her picture on here. but if you look at her pictures. in her third picture, it looks like she's about to poop and a much larger dog is coming along to inspect her progress. i couldnt believe they put that as a "i'm so cute, adopt me" picture on her bio. just thought it was funny...