Thursday, February 16, 2006

what i really meant to say was i'm sorry for the way i am; i never meant to be so cold

so, as it turns out, my father did not have a heart attack. he had blood clots in his lungs causing his severe shortness of breath. those blood clots came up from his legs. he's on a strong blood thinner and has to stay immobile for the next three days or so to prevent a blood clot escaping and going to his brain, also known as having a stroke.

my sister called me today to check on some lost mail and asked if i had talked to my mom at all. i hadnt. so, she told me they had decided to take his kidney. ??? kidney, i ask? yeah, even though the cancer was localized, they decided it'd be best to take the whole thing. ??? cancer, i ask? yeah, they found a one inch by one inch square of cancer on the back of one of his kidneys.

so...yeah. i'm in a weird spot. i dont know what to say about the way i feel about this. i love my dad to death, but we fight and dont get along. my overall impression of this man is that he's old, grumpy, and doesnt treat my mother the way i think he should. but there's a possibility i may not have him to fight with much longer, not that i think anything bad's gonna come of this, because i dont get that feeling, but i just feel generally awkward and suddenly like a really, really, really shitty kid.

i dont know...


Blogger A Twig-Like Hermit said...

It sounds alot like the relationship my sisters and I have with our dad lol. Maybe families really aren't that different afterall. I'm glad you were tickled, I'm guessing it was the strange poem, not that you'd finally updated your site. No, sorry, I don't mean it to be rude :) I'm glad your dad is, well, semi ok I guess. feel better because I have a song for tomorrows post that I hope people will laugh at. It's all about the fact that these christian or J witness's or whatever came to the door talking about weening our (non-existant) children off the sin filled tv. I said we don't have children here, but they thought I was the child! Appaulled, they thought I was too young to converse with. Evil runs through their veins! Ok, so I'll put a picture up as well to help others and I'll copy and paste this into a comment so other will really get the gist.

Have fun,
Brad :)

Friday, February 17, 2006 1:28:00 AM  
Blogger A Twig-Like Hermit said...

Hello Jane. How are you? I'm hoping good, so I'll say thats good :) Not much is happening...Oh I didn't get a lab coat because the bookshop at Uni was closed. Those bastards, I need a lab coat or I won't be allowed in lab classes next week. Next week....NEXT, week. Holy flopping gorillas, can it really be that close? I gotta get ready, get my stuff together. I never even pre-studied anything AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well the first week is Saftey Talks anyway, so I won't need it til week 2. I can be calm now :P

Have fun Jane,

Sunday, February 19, 2006 9:09:00 PM  
Blogger Scoot said...

I hope your dad is doing better but this post was from quite a while back so I don't know. I really like that song though (the title of your post). It's basically a good one. Well, I hope things are goin ok with him.

Sunday, March 19, 2006 7:51:00 PM  

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