Wednesday, December 28, 2005

She's single again

I really hate that song, but it’s the only one that came to mind. It’s sucky, it’s crap, it’s country. Please don’t try to recall it for yourself. It’s not worth it. Point being, I’m single again, I guess. Time apart. Same difference. As it turns out, I’m not cut out for that unless I’m really mad, and as it would seem, I’m not. Oddly enough. But thank god for beautiful awkwardness. I’m being taught the hang of it again. Maybe being psychotic isn’t the way to get what you want. Maybe it is and I’m just not doing it right. Maybe my psychosis is valid and my opponent is more dense than black matter. Who knows?

Moving on…

Happy thanksgiving, merry Christmas, and I’ll go ahead and say happy New Year because lord knows I won’t be updating again before then. Thanksgiving was great. I was without a car, but I got to have sex three of the four days I was on vacation. Can you imagine? Me? Sex? I know, it's ridiculous. So, I got my car back, I still need to have an alignment, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. (And to answer your question, the deer was very, very dead. Someone came along behind me and asked to have it. My first early Christmas gift.) Christmas crept upon me and just so happened to be wonderful also. Luckily for me, single hood slapped the hell out of me for wanting a good Christmas though. So, I’m settled back down into reality. Living with my sister for the time being, nestled each night in a trailer with no heat, in a bed harder than a rock (because my first comparative was far too vulgar to be in the same sentence with my niece), and next to a 10 year old child who grinds her teeth in her sleep, steals my covers, and kicks my awake every couple minutes.

I kid. It’s not really all that bad. I"m just a little sore.I really shouldn’t bitch. So, I’ll stop.


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