Tuesday, January 11, 2005

napoleon dynamite

how-D everybody? good, glad to hear it............i guess.

i got to see napoleon dynamite this weekend. oh, my gosh. i will probably end up owning this movie. it was definitely an mtv production. very cool, i highly recommend it...as long as you're open minded. there's no background music at all and alot of silent parts. vury vury amrusing to myself though. saw two other movies, but they weren't worth mentioning. so, moving right along.

worked out in the yard all day sunday. by all day, i mean 5 or 6 hours. which managed somehow to be enough to make me still sore. owie. my arms still hurt. after that, got to play scattergories which i havent played in a very long time. i had a lesson in being a very good loser about things and had an old fashioned good time. so, yeah, saturday blew dick, but sunday made up for it. so, all in all it turned out to be a pretty good weekend. i'd like to think anyways.

i had a dream night before last that my whole family was over at my fella's house and two of my little 2 year old nephews ran out into the road. i was gonna go after them, but i couldn't run so i had to borrow someone's car. it took me too long, so my 4 year old neice went after them herself. she got hit by a car and killed, which the family in turn, blamed on me. bad dream. bad bad dream. i woke up crying. this has no relevance to anything, but there ya go...

this year for my birthday, i want mcdonalds. not like a big mac, i want to own one, any in bossier or shreveport will do. i'd be happy with that. hell, i'd even settle for a taco bell. so, yeah, presents to think about people. presents to think about.

i still don't have my car back. course i should probably call the guy, this might speed up the process. my 'about a week' has turned into a little over two. i miss my car oh so badly. i hate driving my mom's car. can't use the air or heat and the drivers window won't roll down. grr.

oh, i just sneezed and it sounded like a mosquito poot. wow,that tickled. mmm.

well, that's about all there is to that. rather disappointing update, i k-no. eh, tune in next time. might get better, might get worse. you never know. we'll see what we can work out...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those dreams suck. I once dreamed my cousin and I were running through the woods being chased by 15 ft. copperheads. He tripped and fell. I kept running. when I got home my mom, grandma, and aunt all whooped my ass for not going back.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005 9:28:00 PM  

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