Friday, January 14, 2005

anal penetration

well, i finally heard back on my car. yay! my $800 or $900 quote plus the radiator that i burned a hole in which would be about $300 or so has now turned into 1938 fuckin' dollars! hooray and hoorah for the ass rapage! yeah, it hurt, and i almost cried. i was deciding between crying and throwing up. but i figure i've got some weird record now for me on the not throwing up thing, so i'm gonna try to stick with it. 1938. how do you go from approx. 1100 to 1938.00?? how does that work? where did the other $700 go??

other than that, i just cut my arm seconds ago. shit. ahem, now other than that, i woke up in a bad mood. had nightmares all night about red-headed whores. ::shiver:: and when i wasnt dreaming about the devil, i dreamt about demons who vomited a white spermy substance onto passersby in the woods. twas nasty. their bodies were shriveled to the bone all gray and blue and their teeth dangled down and were finger sized. again, no real story here, just woke up pissy.

umm, let's see. oh, hey, lookie there, a bright side. if anyone's interested (or knows anyone who's interested) we're having puppies soon. dont know how many or what gender, but i'm pretty sure we're having some. they're gonna be mixed breeds. the mother is at least half feist and what i believe to be the father was a rat terrior. so, they'll be very small, and eXtremely hyper. so, spread the word around. my pup looks like she's about to burst, so i'm sure it won't be long. also, anyone who is seriously interested in a guinea pig, i have one of those too. and by serious, i mean, if i want him to be neglected, i can keep it myself. but my working schedule is all weird and i mostly sleep when i'm not at work and he's not really being properly cared for. i got him for free, he was mistreated where he came from, so he's very skiddish and not the friendliest. not mean, just jumpy. so, yeah, pass the word around on that, too. he's orange and dark brown. his name is basil. (bazz' il) he's british. dont ask why. just because i say so.

well, kids. that's all for now. class dismissed.


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